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Propeller-powered Nomad HDATS

NomadLike my other robots, I now have my CrustCrawler Nomad HDATS running with the Propeller chip. I'm using the newParallax Propeller Proto board. At minimum, all you need to do is add a jumper, a wire and a 3 pin header to get it to work with the twoParallax Servo Controllers. Everything is running in the Propeller and written in Spin.

I ported my Nomad GaitPIC code to Spin and it runs in its own Cog. One additional Cog is needed for the serial communication to the Parallax Servo Controller (PSC). This configuration eliminates the need for an external GaitPIC chip. It is also much easier to create new gaits since the Propeller is easily programmed by using the Propeller Editor a USB connection.

Propeller Proto BoardLooking at the picture you can see I also installed a Parallax RF Receiver. I use this with my remote keyboard to control the Nomad. The four pin connector in the front is used to program the Propeller using a Prop Plug. I also wired in an extra 3 pin connector for a debug LCD.


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