Norris Labs Robots with a Mission

Below is a video promo for my episode of "Mad Scientists" which aired on the National Geographic Channel. Each episode highlights the work of an individual maker/inventor. In my case, the show focuses in on my collection of robots that I have built over the past several years for articles that have appeared in Robot Magazine. There is a "reality" spin to the show where the inventor is challenged to build something with the show's host (John Bowler) in just two days. For the grand finale the "build" is revealed to an audience of friends and family and put to the test. For me the challenge was to build a robot that could play the basketball game of PIG. All the robots you will see in the show are based on the Parallax Propeller. You may catch a glimpse of a Propeller Proto Board as well as some screen shots filled with Spin code. Steve Norris (on right) and John Bowler

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