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Propeller-powered HexCrawler HDATS

HexCrawler HDATSThis is myCrustCrawler HexCrawler HDATS. I'm using the newParallax Propeller Proto boardinstead of the usual Basic Stamp/BOE. At minimum, all you need to do is add a jumper, a wire and a 3 pin header to get it to work with the twoParallax Servo Controllers. I configured the servos and batteries just as I did for my Nomad. Everything is running in the Propeller (Look Ma, no GaitPIC!) and written in Spin.

The walking engine software is capable of walking forward, backward, left/right turns, spins and crabbing. The code for this reusable walking engine is in the Resources section.

HexCrawler HDATSThe proto board comes prewired for a PS/2 keyboard (as well as a mouse and VGA monitor). I installed the connector for the keyboard and added a 3 pin header for a serial LCD display. I used them both for gait development and debugging.

I've added anCrustCrawler S3 bracketwith aPingultrasonic sensor to the front end. It provides front crash protection. To control this machine I also installed aParallax RF Receiver. I use my Remote Keyboard to send remote commands.


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