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Welcome to Norris Labs. My name is Steve Norris. This is my personal web site. On this site I will publish various electronic and robotic projects that I have built over the past few years. You are free to use the schematics, diagrams and source code to build your own version for non-commercial use.

My Background: I am a full-time software architect and engineer working primarily on web-based business process applications. I have been in the computer industry for over 33 years. I am fluent in programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Lisp and many assembly languages.  My hobbies include electronics, robotics, photography and aviation. If you are interested in my full resume please contact me at the email address listed below.

This Site: I designed and built this web site and took all the photographs you see. I used Macromedia Dreamweaver to create and edit the site. For photography, I use a Nikon D100 digital camera and use Photoshop CS2 for post production.

You are welcome to contact me via email. My email address I am always interested in your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your visit and enjoy the site.

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